“We are the state's official agritourism program and are dedicated to helping your business grow.”

-Oklahoma Agritourism

About Us

Welcome to the official producer website of the Oklahoma Agritourism Program! This is where you will find information about services offered and the latest on news, events, co-op advertising, programs and much more.

If you haven't signed up with us yet, here's what you need to know. We are a joint program between the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food & Forestry and the Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department. Our program has two main facets: business development and marketing. Our staff is dedicated to helping entrepreneurial farmers and ranchers develop their Agritourism attraction and implement an extensive marketing and public relations campaign to help promote and grow their business. The services offered by our department are free to you. This is the state's official Agritourism program, and we are working on your behalf all day, every day.


March 17, 2014, 9am-noon

Location: Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, 2800 N. Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK

Hear from an Oklahoma City school principal, learn how to package and present ideas to schools, discover resources, determine your retention plan for visitors and, as always, network with other Agritourism professionals.

RSVP to Lori 405-420-9242 or Becca 405-488-7532

Getting Started

Agritourism is an extremely successful form of on-farm diversification, and it is a wonderful opportunity to increase your on-farm revenue. However, it's not for everybody. It takes time, dedication and a little know-how to set up your new venture. You need somewhere to start, and that place is right here.

This site can walk you through the process of starting an Agritourism business, the resources available for your business, developing a business plan, and letting the public know what you have to offer. Your first step is downloading a copy of our own Oklahoma Agritourism Resource Manual, a guided tour of and an introduction to Agritourism and its benefits with informative building blocks to getting your business started.

In addition to this priceless resource, if at any time you wish to speak with someone directly, please do not hesitate to contact your respective Agritourism coordinator. Our coordinators will come to your farm and help walk you through the process in a one-on-one environment and discuss the pros and cons of Agritourism, as well as evaluate the resources that you have on your farm. We also host educational workshops, conferences and events each year. Scroll down to "Add Your Farm" (or click the link above) to submit your location for addition to our statewide inventory. We are looking forward to helping your ideas become reality and watching your business grow.


Agritourism can lead to new opportunities and increased revenue. However, additional visitors and cash flow can introduce liability concerns you may not have previously considered. We know that you are concerned about the legal complications that more attention brings to your farm, as well as start-up costs to get things going. That's why we've listed links to information about state statutes, required business licenses and permits, lending programs, and various benefits and services that are also in our Resource Manual.

Here are a few to get you started:


Once you have added your farm, your regional coordinator will contact you to complete the simple steps to get you into the program, including scheduling a visit to your location.

Once in the program, Agritourism businesses are listed on the consumer website www.agritourism.travelok.com where they can be searched by category, region and more to find your business.

Agritourism staff works to promote businesses and their events in various ways, including placement of articles in publications such as the consumer e-newsletter, The Agritourist, and through event listings, and stories posted to the Agritourism blog, The Vine.

Agritourism businesses are also included in all applicable travel brochures, including Wineries and Vineyards, Land Bounty, Hunting and Western Experience brochures, as well as the Oklahoma Agritourism Map.

Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department

Travel & Tourism Division - Tourism is Big Business in Oklahoma!

As the marketing and promotions arm of the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department, the Travel Promotion Division's programs increase awareness of Oklahoma as a destination, while fostering understanding of the economic impact and importance of the state's travel and tourism industry. Tourism-related businesses and organizations can participate in most programs.


TravelOK.com is the state's official website for Oklahoma travel and tourism information. Attractions, events, accommodations and restaurant properties from across the state are included on the site, along with special sections devoted to the media, group travel professionals and tourism industry members. Special offers, coupons and discount packages to Oklahoma destinations are also posted on the site. If you wish to be listed free of charge in our database, or in our "Deals and Coupons" section, please email us at Update@TravelOK.com. If you need assistance using the new data engine to update your listing, or if you don't have Internet access, please contact Erin Jasmer. Contact: Erin Jasmer, Web Marketing Assistant 405.230.8412 or erin.jasmer@TravelOK.com

Brochure Advertising

The Oklahoma Travel Guide and other statewide tourism promotional tools are also excellent advertising vehicles for travel and tourism organizations. Reasonable rates and a targeted audience promise results for advertisers. The state travel guide is distributed to 350,000 prospective travelers. The annual deadline for advertising in the travel guide is April 1. Contact: Dick Dutton, 405.230.8414 or dick.dutton@TravelOK.com

Co-op Advertising Programs

Travel and tourism-related businesses can optimize advertising dollars by taking part in the Tourism Department's cooperative advertising programs, available through a variety of media. Program options include magazine publications and a newspaper insert. Other options are also made available when possible. We are encouraging publishers to offer added value with these co-op programs, i.e., a web presence in addition to the ad space. Contact: Dick Dutton, 405.230.8414 or dick.dutton@TravelOK.com

Bulk Brochure Orders/Warehouse

The Oklahoma Travel Guide, highway maps, and other OTRD publications are available in bulk quantities for chambers of commerce, convention and visitors bureaus and other tourism-related organizations. Although there is no charge for brochures to these groups, we request every effort be made to pick up materials at the Oklahoma City distribution warehouse to save taxpayers the expense of freight and postage. Quantities of some brochures are limited and distributed at the Tourism Department's discretion. Contact Dick Dutton, 405.230.8414 or dick.dutton@travelok.com for more information.

Press Releases & Media Relations

Travel Communications and Publications staff regularly prepare worthy news and feature stories about travel destinations, events and attractions in the state. Staff members also regularly work with state, national and international news media interested in tourism and recreation news and information. Please share your story ideas and press releases with our division so we can take advantage of media opportunities as they arise. Contact: Dick Dutton 405.230.8414 or dick.dutton@TravelOK.com

Fulfillment Program

Save time and get your brochure in front of more people through our Fulfillment Program. OTRD can offer your brochure to thousands of potential visitors through TravelOK.com - all at your regular postage rate. You supply the brochures, and we will mail them as they are requested, along with our own materials. You will receive a monthly invoice as well as reports to use for contacts, research, sales and cost justifications. Contact: Charlotte Andrew, Fulfillment Coordinator 405.230.8422 or Charlotte@TravelOK.com

Check out http://www.travelok.com/industry for additional programs and resources.

Also, check out opportunities that may be available within your tourism region.

Add A Farm

If you currently run an Agritourism business in Oklahoma, please submit your farm for addition to Oklahoma Agritourism's inventory. We are the state's official Agritourism program, and are dedicated to helping your business grow through business development resources, a strong marketing initiative, and a staff dedicated to promoting the growth of the Agritourism industry as a whole. Our goal is to make Oklahoma the country's premier Agritourism destination. Join us!