Order Brochures

Agritourism has great printed marketing pieces that can be distributed at any Agritourism business or related event. As an Oklahoma Agritourism participant, you can request bulk quanities of the Agritourism map or Agritourism brochures for our Wineries and Vineyards, Hunting, Western Experience or Land Bounty (the U-Pick, Farmers Markets and Specialty Crops).*

The Bulk Order/Distribution program is administered by TravelOK. Call or email Camilla Gillespie with your company information and what you need, and she can send you the order form.


Although brochures are available free of charge to Agritourism participants, we request every effort be made to pick up materials at the Oklahoma City distribution warehouse to save taxpayers the expense of freight and postage. If you are not traveling to Oklahoma City or need the brochures within a given time frame, they can be shipped directluy to you.

*Quantities of some brochures are limited and distributed at the Tourism Department's discretion.